Father's Day Race

12th Annual Father's Day Race

2 Miles, Half-Mile – NOTC Grand Prix Series Event

Sunday, June 16, 2013, 8:00 AM

Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA

Benefiting Each One Save One

2 Mile Awards

Place Male Age Time Female Age Time
1 Richard Bouckaert 28 10:21 Colette Murphy 48 12:19
Age Group 6-Under
Age Group 7-9
Age Group 10-12
1 Tre Escamilla 10 19:12 Esme Benjamin 12 16:05
Age Group 13-15
1 Benjamin Hughes 14 11:42 Olivia Murphy 15 12:54
Age Group 16-19
1 Corbett Ourso, Iii 19 10:33 Lane Porter 19 13:25
Age Group 20-29
1 Will Kirkikis 23 10:45 Amy Goodson 27 12:36
Age Group 30-39
1 Ryan Gallagher 31 10:34 Rachel Quintana 36 13:44
Age Group 40-49
1 Michael Iverson 46 11:08 Maria Martinez 44 15:11
Age Group 50-59
1 Dave Dessaner 56 12:26 Lillian Brown 54 16:21
Age Group 60-69
1 Patrick Clancy, Jr 65 13:51 Jamie Manders 68 21:10
Age Group 70-Over
1 Bill Jennings 74 20:40 Elaine Joseph 72 23:01

2 Mile Teams

PlaceTeam MembersTeam Time
1Gabe Navar Sr. and Gabe Navar Jr24:14
2Justin Blanchard and Alex Metcalf25:08
3Dave Dessauer and Luke Dessauer25:21
4Corbett Ourso, Jr and Corbett Ourso, III26:05
5Patrick Passantino and Andrew Passantino26:31
6Jimi Smith and Carleton Smith26:49
7William Steck and John Steck27:40
8Will Kirkikis and Bill Kirkikis28:15
9Dave Dessauer and Seth Dessauer28:23
10Fred Goodson and Jake Goodson28:32
11Cobe Kirkikis and Billy Kirkikis29:19
12Robbie Quintana and Joshua Quintana29:26
13Wayne Pigford and Anthony Pigford29:34
14Michael Grieb and Harrison Grieb31:13
15Todd Gathman and Drew Gathman31:24
16Albert Wilson and Zach Wilson32:56
17Mark Kirkikis and Billy Kirkikis33:19
18Ralph Lehmann and Justin Lehmann34:08
19Brendan Minihan Jr and Aidan Minihan35:41
20Lewis Tusa Jr and Nick Tusa35:45
21Brendan Minihan Jr and Ewan Minihan36:57
22Kevin Kirchner and Larry Kirchner37:05
23Jeff Gassen and Luke Gassen37:35
24Dave Jansen and Jackson Jansen37:36
25Henry Schriffer and Jacob Schriffer38:00
26Ralph Lehmann and Jeffrey Lehmann38:25
27Wayne Gassen and Art Gassen Jr38:45
28Lewis Tusa Jr and Lewis Tusa III42:02
29Arthur Gassen and Jeff Gassen44:04
30Jason Joubert and Matthew Joubert1:01:26
31Linwood Stevens and Kyree Stevens1:27:17
1Olivia Murphy and James Murphy26:36
2Fred Goodson and Amy Goodson26:52
3Chip Porter and Lane Porter27:45
4Josh Hunt and Olivia Hunt27:58
5Scott Burst and Bathany Burst28:00
6Jason Blanchard and Emily Blanchard28:09
7Michael Iverson and Mandy Iverson28:38
8Jeff Boudreaux and Madison Boudreaux29:14
9Amanda Romeu and Frank Romeu30:01
10Randy Schmidt and Caroline Schmidt30:19
11Carl Beavers and Michelle Beavers30:42
12Tim Priest and Maddie Priest32:04
13John Steck and Katie Steck33:05
14Michael Grieb and Anastasia Grieb35:03
15Dave Jansen and Gracie Jansen35:29
16Terry Ross and Mary (Katie) Ross35:34
17Michael Grieb and Alexandria Grieb36:34
18George Lehmann and Brittany Lehmann36:59
19Michael Grieb and Autumn Grieb38:03
20Wayne Gassen and Angel Gassen38:16
21Wayne Gassen and Kelsey Gassen38:45
22David Bernberg and Kyla Bernberg40:30
23Phil Monteleone and Maddie Monteleone45:12
24Scott St. Pierre and Cody St. Pierre47:26
25Patrick Bergin and Abigail Bergin48:35
26Dean Hotard and Danielle Pepper52:14
27Jeremiah McKenna and Amber McKenna62:42
1Robert Quintana and Joshua Quintana39:60
2Brendan Minihan Sr and Aidan Minihan50:07
3Brendan Minihan Sr and Ewan Minihan51:23
4Arthur Gassen and Luke Gassen50:35
1Bill Jennings and Molly Jennings20:40
2Arthur Gassen and Angel Gassen46:42
3Arthur Gassen and Kelsie Gassen47:11

Half-Mile Awards

Place Male Age Time Female Age Time
1 Charles Murphy 12 1:47 Emily Blanchard 13 2:00
Age Group 6-Under
1 Jake Lonseth 6 2:46 Julia Nackley 6 2:29
2 Sam Blanchard 5 3:06 Lucy Quintana 5 2:53
3 Landon Hofmann 6 3:09 Sophia Lazar 5 2:59
Age Group 7-9
1 Joshua Quintana 7 2:08 Autumn Grieb 9 2:16
2 Sarem Khan 7 2:16 Abigail Lecompte 8 2:19
3 Justin Hall 8 2:28 Kaitlyn Hall 7 2:34
Age Group 10-12
1 Anthony Beavers 11 2:14 Molly Monteleone 10 2:10
2 Aaron Hunt 11 2:22
3 Noah Blanchard 11 2:23


Each One Save One

Each One Save One Each One Save One is a registered 501-C3 non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the plight of children in our community through recruiting, training and supporting an army of volunteer mentors throughout the metropolitan area.

Amidst the devastation of violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and crime in out community today, the future appears grim unless we, as individuals and corporations, act decisively to effect positive changes and offer concrete alternatives to this generation.


Race Administration

The Father's Day Race is owned and produced by the New Orleans Track Club, a not-for-profit organization and a member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and USA Track & Field (USATF). For more information contact the NOTC via email at notc@runNOTC.org or phone 504-304-2326.